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Thanks to the highest level of knowledge and to a group of specialized technicians, We can satisfy every requests in the field of design and engineering of fire fighting systems

Complete safety against fires


Development of fire safety and evacuation projects


Installation of passive and active systems in accordance with regulations


Proper functioning check of fire safety systems


Fire safety systems

Passive systems

Fire doorFire doors are an effective passive protection means. They offer insulation and divide the different areas of the building

Collars and padsFirestop pillows are designed to ease the installation and the conditioning of cables. Firestop collars shut in case of fire, blocking the flames

Personal protection equipmentThe material used in this kind of products is inherently flame proof, giving the most advanced grade of protection from fire.

Active systems

Detection systemsIonic, smoke, temperature, flame detectors and special detectors that detect the presence of carbon monoxide or explosive gases

HydrantsWith the installation of external fire hydrants and the dry column firemen will have access to a water source against fires.

Fire extinguishersPortable and movable extinguishers of chemical powders, for metals, water, foam and carbon dioxide (CO2)

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